Maid Services

We dust baseboards,  window and door sills, any ceiling fans that can be reached, lights, mini-blinds and other areas that needs dusting. We clean / dust wall decorations, picture frames (if well secured),light switches, door trim. We dust, polish and clean all furniture and all decorative items in the house. We always sweep, mop and vacuum all areas we can reach.


We safely remove small appliances and other items on your counter and clean the counter area and sourrounding areas.We clean all cabinets and appliances. We clean the tops and bottoms of items and replace them safely where we found them .Sinks scrubbed and left shining. Outside of oven and refrigerator cleaned (inside cleaned upon request). We scrub your sink and sweep and thoroughly mop the floor with highly rated chemicals.


Baseboards wiped down, Fingerprints washed from all woodwork, door frames and switch plates, Picture frames dusted (if well secured), We vacuum / wash floor

Study rooms

We know how to straighten them.

All bedrooms

We give all bedrooms a clean look. Linens changed, at customer’s request, or bed made. All areas dusted-on top, on the front and underneath mirrors washed, cleaned and dried as usual. We wipe windor sills.Fingerprints washed from all woodwork, door frames and switch plates. We Vacuum under the bed if accessible, baseboards wiped down, lamp shades wiped down or dusted. We always Vacuum carpeted areas and finally the overall appearance of the room left neat and tidy.

Living room

We know how to reorganize that large living room. All furniture dusted (all items removed and replaced). Picture frames dusted safely.Sills wiped neatly, Cobwebs removed, Newspapers, magazines and books straightened, Couch and cushions straightened, vacuuming underneat if needed, We wipe Lamp shades,Glass tables cleaned, Baseboards wiped down,Carpets vacuumed, Hardwood or tile floors washed. We carry a variety of cleaning liquids to take care of your floor. We leave carpets smelling good and refreshing.


We clean tubs, toilet ,sink and showers. We focus on cleaning and disinfect all fixtures that needs it. We empty shower trash,clean all mirrors, wipe out shower door tracks and wipe the doors and windows if any. We thoroughly clean your bathroom cabinets and floors. All the items in the bathroom are cleaned and replaced safely.